• We know what your BMW needs and when it needs it.  Nixon Automotive also keeps a personal file for each vehicle should it ever be necessary to view a vehicle’s service history.

    We provide factory quality service at prices markedly less than dealerships.  Our experience and attention to quality ensures you always receive the highest level of service.

    On this page we’ve listed an outline of common maintenance and repairs that we offer.

    Warranty Service

    Factory Warranty Maintenance: In order to keep your warranty fully in effect, we adhere to the factory recommended service program.  At each inspection and oil service, we complete all tasks that BMW prescribes and update your service booklet.  Our thorough records will ensure that your factory warranty is fully maintained.  Nixon Automotive is a Global Extended Warranty Repair centre.

    Warranty Expiration Check: We offer an especially thorough inspection of BMW’s just prior the warranty expiration.  Our clients are provided with a list of items that should be corrected under the warranty.

    Cooling, Intake, Timing Belt, and Emissions Systems

    Your BMW’s water pump, radiator, thermostats, fan blades & clutches, and muffler are all vital parts that affect performance. We can replace all of these parts at a reasonable price with a specified warranty. An advantage we can offer is performing these services with either OEM or BMW parts. OEM parts can save you up to 30% and still provide the same warranty that BMW provides.

    Oxygen Sensor: BMW recommends replacement of the oxygen sensor at mileage intervals which vary by model.

    Micro-Filter Replacement: These filters remove pollen and other contaminants from air entering the passenger compartment and should be changed when decreased outlet airflow is noted.

    Timing Belt: Only small displacement single-cam six-cylinder engines use these belts to drive the camshaft. On these models (1984-91 325, 325e, 325I, 325iC; 1992 325iC; all 528e;1989-90 525I) the timing belt must be replaced every 4 years or 80,000km. Failure of this belt leads to catastrophic engine damage.

    Suspension Service

    Does your car pull or does your steering wheel shake at high speeds?

    These are problems that are usually related to your suspension.  Here at Nixon Automotive we will do our best to solve these problems at a reasonable cost.  Several of the common services we can offer for your BMW’s suspension:

    • Replace control arm bushings which help improve the ride, balance & steering of the car.
    • Replace struts & shocks that can help correct pulling problems and an uncomfortable ride.
    • Replace wheel bearings which can remove an annoying & undesirable noise.
    • Replace drive shafts or drive shaft universal joints which wear after several years.

    Braking System

    A well maintained braking system is vital to your safety.  This is why it is important that your brakes are repaired as soon as there is a sign of wear or malfunction.

    We can use either BMW or OEM parts on your car, at your request.  Regardless of which type of parts you request we warranty our labor and our parts.  For all brake services we inspect discs, calipers and flex brake hoses, and keep to the highest standards in preventative maintenance while servicing your BMW.

    Please contact us to book an appointment.


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