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5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

You have all the reasons to worry if you have suddenly noticed your vehicle making strange noises. Automobiles should not make any strange noises. Otherwise, there could be something wrong if you observe a sudden change in the engine noise. It could be a rattling, stuttering, popping, or whizzing sound, as we have discussed below.

A Popping/Snapping Sound When You Turn

Such noises are common for front- and all-wheel drive vehicles. So, you must replace your constant velocity joints on your front axle if you hear a snapping, clicking, or popping sound during a turn. It may be one or both joints. A broken axle could occur at any time, so it would be best to avoid ignoring these sounds.

Chirping or Squealing Noises From the Engine

Your vehicle requires immediate attention if it squeals once you accelerate or fire it up. In older cars, worn or loose accessory belts are the primary causes of these sounds. If you have a newer vehicle, it could chirp or squeal when its serpentine belt needs replacing. Addressing the issue immediately makes it an inexpensive and easy item to replace or repair.

Grinding Noises

Have you recently been hearing your engine grind when you start your car? The problem might be with the starter motor, which needs a professional mechanic to check it immediately. It might just be an issue with an adjustment, while occasionally, it demands a starter motor replacement. However, a bigger problem with your transmission exists if you hear grinding noises when shifting gears.

Rumbling Sounds

A rumbling noise often signifies a hole in your muffler, which is extremely dangerous as fumes might find their way into the car. And inhaling such fumes is considered unhealthy. Therefore, for your health's sake, you should drive to the nearest mechanic's place once you start hearing rumbling sounds.

Hissing Noises

A hissing sound while driving your vehicle could indicate numerous problems, which need your professional mechanic to check. For example, a hissing sound could mean the vacuum leaks or your engine is too hot. Hissing noises could also indicate plugged catalytic converter or leaking fluid onto hot sections of the engine.

Bottom Line

Whichever weird noise you hear from your automobile, the chances are high there is a problem that needs immediate attention. So, take the vehicle to Nixon Automotive and let professionals solve the issue before it worsens.

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