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How Can Cold Weather Impact My Car?

It is that time when most places in Canada record very low, freezing temperatures. As you prepare your house and body for the cold, you may want to consider ways to protect your car as well.

Winter preparation is key to mitigating the damages that the cold can pose in your vehicle. Here are several ways winter weather can hurt your vehicle:


You can expect to see the occasional rain, sleet, or snow in Burnaby, BC. As a result, the roads may be salted and impact your vehicle when you drive. Since most of your vehicle is made of metal, like the undercarriage and brakes, the elements can rust from salty roads.

Tire Pressure Fluctuation

Cold temperatures can lead to fluctuations in your vehicle's tire pressure, specifically deflation. Driving with underinflated tires can present unsafe conditions and wear down your tires much quicker. To avoid this problem altogether, we recommend testing your pressure regularly and making minor adjustments from time to time.

Dead Battery

A dead battery is one common problem that many drivers face this time of year. You can prevent having a drained power source by testing and replacing it.

Thick Oil and Fluids

Your oil, along with other essential vehicle fluids, may thicken from the cold weather. Consequently, your engine oil pump may work harder to circulate such viscous liquids. 

Wiper Malfunction

There's no doubt that the cold weather is often harsh on your wipers. Not only can frozen wipers cause damage to your windshields, but leaving the moisture on them overnight could also cause them to freeze onto the windshield. Please be sure to replace your wiper blades every 6 to 12 months.


We hope you see that the adverse effects of cold weather on your car are not something Burnaby drivers should neglect. If you need help winterizing your vehicle, we invite you to bring it to Nixon Automotive for professional car care today!

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