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Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Preparing your automobile for the spring and summer months is no different from preparing it for the winter months. Getting your car maintained by a professional in the spring assures safe driving, increases the market value of your vehicle, and extends its lifespan.

Here is a checklist to ensure you get your vehicle ready for spring:

Take Your Car in for an Oil Change

The engine oil cleans and maintains the temperature of the motor's interior components. Eventually, dirt and debris build up in the oil, leading the filter to get clogged. Make sure your car is running at its peak performance by having your engine oil and filter checked and replaced in the spring.

Check Your Tire Pressure and Tread Depth; Install New Winter Tires

Tires that are designed for icy conditions, like winter tires, are not as effective or safe in spring. Summertime or all-season tires suitable for both dry and rainy conditions are what you need. Tire pressure is also affected by temperature variations, so keep an eye on it while you're waiting for summer. Additionally, make sure the tread depth of the tires is suitable for improved control and handling during summer thunderstorms.

Perform A Battery Check

Your automobile battery has to work harder in the winter because cold temperatures slow down chemical processes, making it work more than necessary. The battery is frequently deteriorated by the end of the summer season. The battery's electrolyte evaporates more quickly in the summer because of the higher temperatures. In order to prevent battery problems in the spring, be sure to inspect and replace your batteries after the cold season.

Replenish Wiper Fluid and Replace the Wipers

As snow and ice accumulate on the glass, windshield wipers become "workhorses." They could start failing as early as the spring. The wiper fluid depletes with time, making it difficult to clear the windshield in spring and summer when it's raining or snowing. Refill the wiper fluid and change up the wipers before the seasons change.

If you need expert automobile maintenance to get your vehicle ready for the spring season, bring your car to our auto repair shop today!

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