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What Are Oxygen Sensors?

Nearly every car on the road nowadays has several oxygen (O2) sensors. They are a component that contribute to your engine’s overall performance by monitoring and providing a consistent supply of oxygen. The O2 sensors relay these oxygen measurements taken in the exhaust system and send them to the car's computer. If a sensor has gone bad or tripped because of too much or too little of oxygen, it will trigger a warning, often in the form of a check engine light.Oxygen sensors are considered a part of the exhaust system or emissions system. With laws on vehicle emissions stricter nowadays, so have the requirements for vehicle O2 sensors. 


There is usually one oxygen sensor positioned in front of the catalytic converter and one in each of the car’s exhaust manifolds. Oxygen sensors can go as far as preventing emissions failures by allowing the computer to calibrate with the engine for smooth performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.


As mentioned before, the check engine light is one of the first things you’ll notice when one or more oxygen sensors have gone bad. It is natural for oxygen sensors to fail or wear down over time. Most owners can expect to replace them once their vehicle reaches 100,000 km or more. 


If your check engine light is on, it is safe to bring your car to the trusted team at Nixon Automotive for diagnostics testing. In some cases, it may not be related to the oxygen sensor at all. We are committed to narrowing down on your problem so that you can return to the road safely. 

Oxygen Sensor Replacement in Burnaby, BC

If your check engine light is illuminated or you suspect problems with your O2 sensors, turn to Nixon Automotive for personalized service and superior auto repairs. Say goodbye to poor engine performance and lower gas mileage! Feel free to call our shop or schedule your appointment online today.

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