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What Can Cause My Car to Not Start?

Your car won't start for a variety of reasons. There are certain things you can check on your own before contacting for assistance. Check to see if the steering wheel is locked first. If so, twisting the key in the ignition while moving the steering wheel from side to side will solve this typical problem. This shows that the ignition may turn all the way to the start position without being obstructed by the steering wheel lock. 
Another easy explanation for why your automobile will crank but not start is a low gas tank. It's possible that you're only on "E" and have run out of gas if you were previously low on fuel (or if your fuel gauge is damaged).
Other reasons why your car won't start:

  • Dead car battery: The most frequent cause of a non-starting car is a dead battery. If you have a battery tester, you can use it to check your battery to see if it is weak.
  • Bad starter motor: If the engine won't start despite hearing a single click when you turn the key, the electrical system may be at fault.
  • Fuel filter clog: The fuel filter prevents particles from entering the fuel system of your car. If this filter is clogged, the engine might not get enough gas.
  • Engine issues: Your automobile might not start if there are issues with the engine's mechanics. The crankshaft or the timing belt and chain are typically the main offenders. If the engine won't turn over or starts and stalls, this might be the issue.
  • Defective immobilizers:If your car's security system doesn't recognize your key, it may occasionally prevent you from starting the engine. This can be the result of a low battery in your key fob. Nearly 3% of the breakdowns we see are caused by alarm and immobilizer problems.
  • Faulty alternators: They include problems with the wiring and the drive belt for the alternator. The alternator supplies the power needed to power the lighting, radio, and warmth. The battery of the car is also charged by the alternator.

Bring your car to Nixon Automotive right away if your battery or alternator needs fixing!

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