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Why Changing Your Car’s Cabin Air Filter Is Important

The cabin air filter is a part of the car that is often forgotten about until it causes problems. Typically, this is because they can be hard to reach. However, neglecting to change them can have some uncomfortable side effects.


A cabin air filter is similar to the engine air filter, or even your air filter in your home. It prevents polluted and dirty particles from entering your vehicle cabin. Therefore, it serves to give you clean air. As you can imagine, the debris will clog up your filter over time.


What Can Happen If You Don’t Change a Dirty Cabin Air Filter

  • Health Problems - A clogged air cabin filter means that contaminants can get into your cabin. If you have allergies, it can be especially problematic. If you or your passengers are sensitive to dust, pollen, or smoke, it can be bothersome. Therefore, you should avoid letting it get to that point. 
  • Overworked HVAC System - When the filter is full, your HVAC system can strain to function. 
  • Malfunctioning Defogger/Defroster - You rely on these mechanisms when your windshield gets foggy. If these fail to function with a dirty filter, you should have it changed right away. Otherwise, it can negatively impact your visibility and safety.
  • Bad Odor - Have you had stink air come out of your vents? Most of the time, it is related to a dirty air filter. If your car has a musty stench, make sure you restore the air quality with a cabin air filter replacement.


If you need help changing your cabin air filter, please do not hesitate to give our auto repair shop a call or visit today. 

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