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Car Battery Repair in Burnaby, BC

At our BMW car battery shop in Burnaby, BC, we understand how frustrating it can be to find that your car’s battery is dead. Considering that the battery is a component of your automobile's ignition and charging system, one can never be too sure whether it is the battery causing problems or a faulty electrical component linked to the battery. Here at Nixon Automotive, we are well prepared with technologically-updated equipment to test and determine the problem's actual cause and what repairs need to be done.

Here at our local shop, we specialize in BMW and MINI vehicles, including hybrid and electric models. If you suspect that you need MINI/BMW battery replacement or battery recharge, we invite you to bring your German vehicle into our shop for a thorough test and inspection. We can determine if a dead battery is the cause of your issue, or if the problem lies elsewhere such as a starter problem or failing alternator.

Signs that can indicate a dying car battery include:

  • Clicking or clunking sounds when trying to start the car
  • The vehicle is slow to start
  • Dim headlights
  • The need to step on the gas pedal to start
  • Backfiring

While jump-starting a car is a short-term solution, more than likely the vehicle will still need a repair to be restored. Usually, the issue is more complicated and may stem from the charging system or alternator. It would be best to have us look at it, run inspections, and provide a lasting remedy so that you don't get stranded in the middle of the road, hoping to flag down a car to help you jump-start yours.

Here at Nixon Automotive, we provide excellent customer service and quality repairs that you can trust. We have invested in the latest technology and equipment for BMW and MINI and have the battery testing tools necessary to assist with your no-start or electrical issues. Our technicians are Red Seal Certified and have the expertise required to get you back on the road in no time.

If you need BMW car battery repair in Burnaby, BC, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nixon Automotive. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or schedule an appointment with us online today!

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